The United Clans Swordsman Association

Banner Shield Clan Division I

Under the instruction of Knight Sentry, the UCSA is a contact sport. Participants learn the art of swordfighting in a positive environment. Although the majority of class time is spent learning medieval broadsword techniques, students explore areas of shortsword, dagger, shield, and longstaff fighting and defense. All weapons used in class are made of wood. We encourage the use of hickory wooden wasters purchased from the Purpleheart Armoury, but we will supply wooden dowels until the wasters are purchased. We would like to see all participants eventually using the wooden wasters, as they are weighted properly and are very strong, and will frequently break the dowels. The only wasters we endorse or allow to be used in class are the Purpleheart Armoury swords.

Location: Liberty Park

1300 S 700 E Salt Lake City

East side of the park, by the pillars

Every Saturday, regardless of the weather

Time: 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM

Class time is spent in the fighting circles where participants fight one-on-one with each other. There are also warfare (group fighting), melee (everyone for themselves), and dagger wrestling activities.

Swordfighting is a unique self-defense art, but as with all other martial arts, it can be a dangerous environment. This is a contact sport. As such, participants are encouraged to wear whatever type of protection or armor they desire. Metal armor is discouraged because of the heat, the possibility of hurting fellow participants during activities, and breaking another participant's sword against the armor. For all members, mouthguards are required. Cups are required for all male members. This gear is highly recommended for investigators. Gloves are common to prevent "knuckle-knockers" and are necessary to grab blades. Helmets are encouraged and can replace a mouthguard only if the meshing in the front of the face is small enough that a sword point cannot reach your face. To fight in the clan you must be at least 13 years of age.

We are not a role-playing group, we use historical Italian and German texts for all of the material that we teach. Join us for some fun and comraderie, and learn how they really fought back in medeival times.

We charge a fee of $20 per month. This fee will include beginning class uniforms (tunics and sashes), and class manuals. The first 4 weeks are free so you can come and try it out to see if you want to join.

Call, email, or just come to the park for more information.

To see pictures and live feed from members, visit our Facebook page:

Swordsman Code Of Honor

By my honor, I do swear, to uphold all that is true and all that is just.

To defend those who are threatened and to lay down my life if needed in the defense of truth.

To fight for those who seek freedom and liberty.

To seek wisdom and knowledge and to use them to aid my fellowman.

To cherish the land around me and preserve its natural state.

I will take no innocent life and will oppose all evil to the fullest extent of my powers.

All this I do swear,

May Honor Follow The Sword.